BMW 535xi = HUGE Potential

BMW 535xi At Smokey's Dyno

BMW 535xi At Smokey’s Dyno

We recently got a customer in who had a 2008 BMW 535xi.  We chatted for a bit about cars and tuning and what kind of tuning we could do for his car.  We informed him that he would need a full tune and a BMC air filter and could achieve an average of  50-60 wheel horsepower and 60-70 foot pounds of torque.  Needless to say the customer was very excited and enthusiastic about getting his vehicle in to be tuned as quick as possible.  On BMW’s there is an adaptation period that goes along with completing a tune and uploading it into the ECU.  Most BMW tuning takes 105 miles for the tune we perform to be completely accepted by the computer.  The reason for this is the computer has safeguards to make sure it sees the same tune/information for over 100 miles to verify there isn’t an error in the computer.  After the tune the results can be felt instantly and will show a gain on the dyno sheet, but the car will only get better the more you drive it up to the 105 mile mark.  Here is the graph from our custom BMW 535xi tune.

Dyno Tune Comparison For 2008 BMW 535xi

Dyno Tune Comparison For 2008 BMW 535xi


The gains that we achieved are very impressive for this vehicle.  This tune can also be applied to the BMW 135 and the BMW 335.  The total gain is 57 horsepower and 61 Torque.  This number will only increase through the next 105 adaptation miles.  This tune costs $795 dollars and yields impressive gains. If you have any questions about this tune please contact Jesse Yorty at