ECU Tuning Group was built from the ground up on a few principles. These include quality service, attention to detail, and the ability to stay ahead of the curve. Living by these values has made ECU Tuning Group the distinguished brand it is today. We embrace our humble beginnings and the resulting hard work that was necessary to create a company that is respected by so many.

Jags Gill (CEO and Founder) got his start tuning European vehicles in London’s suburbs during the 1990’s. Jags and his brother purchased a Ford Sierra Cosworth in 1990, only to realize there were not any reputable tuners in West London at the time. They contacted Jeff Dewitt of Dewitt’s Race and Rally who owned a shop far away in Wales. The brothers sent their Cosworth to Wales with high hopes of great performance gains, but ended up disappointed. They knew there was still room for improvement. Taking matters into their own hands, they contacted Kevin Dribble of Turbo Systems, a professional tuning shop in Kilburn, London. Jags and his brother spent time with Kevin in Kilburn learning from the best. Following this, they began working with Brodey Brittain Racing and Turbo Technics, two pioneers in the tuning industry.

After intensely studying the art of vehicle tuning, the brothers had developed a fiery passion to help cars reach their full potential.

Jags and his brother bought their Porsche 911 Turbo Flat Nose (1989 model) in 1991. After having great success applying their extensive tuning knowledge to their Porsche, they continued to modify many other European makes and models. Some of their favorites include the Mercedes 560 SEC, BMW Motorsport, the Lamborghini Countach, and CSL Alpina.

Seeing that the brothers had become some of the most respected tuners in all of England, they made the covers of 3 major UK car magazines during the 1990’s. Their prestige in the tuning industry was set in stone.

Eventually, Jags moved to America. He immediately noticed the lack of quality European vehicle tuning he had become so accustomed to in England. He decided to pioneer the American tuning market just as he helped do in the UK. Years of successful ECU tuning later, ECU Tuning Group was born.

All of ECU Tuning Group’s customers can rest assured they are in very experienced and capable hands.