BMW 328xi – Tuning the N52 Engine

2007 BMW 328xi Tuned By Smokey's Dyno

2007 BMW 328xi Tuned By Smokey’s Dyno

Its hard to beat an all wheel drive BMW during the winters in Northeast Ohio, the BMW 328xi is great at this.  This particular vehicle is a equipped with a 3.0L inline six N52 engine, all wheel drive, and an automatic transmission.  Any time you see a newer body style 1, 3, or 5 series BMW there is a good chance it has the N52 naturally aspirated 3.0L six.  Stock BMWs aren’t slouches when it comes to performance, but theres always room for improvement.

The horsepower and torque gains for our BMW 328xi Tune are quite impressive, with noticeable improvements to throttle response and everyday drivability.  There are not a lot of companies offering significant performance gains for the N52 engine.  Most companies focus on the performance engines found in the M series or twin-turbo N54 engine used in 335, 535, and now almost every other series.

BMW 328xi Dyno Graph (Tune vs. Stock)

BMW 328xi Dyno Graph (Tune vs. Stock)

Stock horsepower of the 328xi was measured at 162 HP/ 152 ft.lbs torque.  After letting the BMW ECU adapt to the new tune for over 100 miles the car was re-run on the dyno to measure the increase in wheel horsepower and torque.  An impressive increase was seen across the board as you can see above.  We achieved a gain of 22 HP and 28ft.lbs torque on an otherwise 100% stock car.  Put the car in sport mode and there is a night and day difference in the performance of the 328xi after being tuned.  Couple the tune with a few aftermarket bolt on performance parts and the N52 engine can really come to life.

The owner of this BMW 328xi called to let us know that this car was performing great during everyday driving, highway cruising, and even track day events.   He also followed up to let us know that city and highway driving fuel economy numbers have improved.  Even though fuel economy numbers may vary with driving style most people notice an improvement.  For more information on this BMW Tune please contact Jesse Yorty.